The quality policy at Morainsa is based on a strict control of each of the phases which are part of the production process, from the field to the final product.

For the manufacture of our virgin and extra virgin oils we use only olives picked from the trees at the degree of ripeness established by our specialists for our different products.


Hereon the olive press begins a process which follows the current regulations, implementing an HACCP agreement in line with the Codex Alimentarius (Food Code), meeting the environmental as well as the workplace safety and higiene legislation.

However, our personal commitment to quality is what makes us insist on applying the processes we consider indispensable to creating an excellent product and therefore achieving the certifications which validate this quality, hence offering our clients all the guarantees of optimum quality.

ISO 9001 Accredited Certification: 2015 BUREAU VERITAS Certificate in
“Manufacture of olive oil and wine and oil commercialisation”.

  • Certificación Ecológica Normativa Europea 834 (European certification body for organic products, regulation 834). Certified by CAAE
  • Certificación Ecológica Normativa JAS (European certification body for organic products, JAS regulation). Certified by CAAE
  • Certificación Ecológica Normativa NOP (European certification body for organic products, NOP regulation). Certified by CAAE
  • EN4001 Certified by Denominación de Origen Montes de Toledo DOMT (Montes de Toledo Appellation of Origin)