Our manufacturing processes are focused on providing the maximum guarantee of the products obtained, ensuring the strict quality control requirements are successfully met by every department involved in all the phases of the production process.
The olives reach the oil press immediately after recollection from the field and are subsequently cleaned and transformed in order to preserve its properties and aromas. For the entire olive transport and storage process the components used are stainless steel only in addition to the specialised food conveyor belts, therefore guaranteeing the procurement of extra virgin oils.

The milling and crushing is carried out applying the most advanced technology and at a temperature never above 25 degrees. After a short time of crushing we move onto the centrifugation where solid and liquid are separated, using horizontal decanter centrifuge. Afterwards we conduct a vertical centrifuge where the last part of the oil cleansing process takes place.
The oils are preserved in stainless tanks at a temperature of 18-20 degrees with the purpose of conserving its analytical and organoleptic properties intact.