We are oil producers, and our past generations have left us with not only a legacy of craftsmanship but also one of the things we are most proud of, the Morainsa philosophy: our passion for olive oil.
This enthusiasm makes us not merely produce and sell our products but also leads us to divulge, spread, explain… the excellent qualities of this product, because despite being its leading producers worldwide it remains largely unknown.
We offer clients our commercial cooperation at retail outlets o at promotional events where they might consider our presence may help make the product known. We also enjoy showing our facilities, explaining the production processes, conducting non-professional tastings (where one can learn to discover different degrees of quality, varieties and sensory perceptions which olive oil offers), cooperating in informative talks… to sum up, bringing people closer to the olive oil culture.
Just get in touch with us to start to discover everything that such an excellent product has to offer, such a typical Spanish product which is still greatly overlooked.


Road Access: CM 42, salida km 19 / 24 . Autovía de los Viñedos

Coordinates GPS Almazara y bodega: 39° 41′ 10,94” N – 3° 46′ 52,10” O
Coordinates GPS Extractora de orujo: 39° 41′ 02,71” N – 3° 45′ 07,75” O